duminică, 15 noiembrie 2009

Plants and life

We are part of the universe. So do plants. We live and we are grateful for that. So did they. We have adapted over time to the demands of a modern and civilized society. So do plants have acquired many adaptations to the environment and new mechanisms for protection.
A special world, fascinating, miraculous where everything seems at its brightest. Continuously trying to use it for our own good and full of selfishness a fully exploited.
Should respect nature, learn from it, to try to discover more, even though most times we are facing an unknown forever.
In search of that unique moment of supreme peace, relaxation and a new world, perhaps better than ours, consciously or not, get back to nature. Fill our minds with abundant plants in tropical forests full of life, color and sound.
We feel strong vibration, wet heat, smell the earth and the scent of flowers. Listen hum foliage, sounds of insects and birds songs.
Recognize, or not, we need nature, those delicate and sensitive forms of life. We need plants.
Plants are not "objects" but beings. Fear or love, enjoy or suffer as they communicate with us. They are extremely fine and complicated organisms that exist not just to produce "biological mass. We can thus become as "vegetative" and dumb when I say that there plants that do not respond to "hello".

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