duminică, 15 noiembrie 2009

We became friends with nature

Whether or not we are aware, the great kingdom of plants help humanity in very many ways. First when the plants are beautiful to watch. Forests with old trees, rare plant protection, garden arranged to the smallest detail, windows filled with flowers, it offers people who receive them, all they mean one thing, love for plants.
Come take a walk through the woods and watch the trees. They can be divided into two categories: hardwoods (trees with leaves obsolete) and conifers. Conifer cone-bearing means. Coniferous leaves are processed into needles do not fall to winter and not yellow. Conifers are trees that remain green all year. They gum and their bark is aromatic. In a coniferous forest fresh scent invites you clean air. Trees with leaves are those who fell and lost leaves during the cold season. Autumn, when the days become shorter, photosynthesis is reduced gradually and the leaf chlorophyll is transported to other parts of the plant. Before falling leaves lose their green hue gradually took the woods in light golden-red like fire.
A trip to the forest can become a very pleasant experience. Empower yourself with good mood, with a plant identification guide and an old book that no longer use. Trying to pick the leaves begin to identify them using the guide. Choose different colors, shapes, fresh and dried leaves. After identification, if leaves are still green leave them to dry between the pages of the book. Create a beautiful and original arrangement with your acquisitions. In this way to relax, to oxygen, discover and learn to love nature.
Perhaps the most important use of trees for us is wood. It is valued in the industry of paper production, furniture and various accessories, musical instruments or simply as a source of heating. Wood trees is the same. It differs from species to species. Each type of wood has a certain destination is chosen according to color and texture.
Grasses and other plant fibers are transformed into so-called "straw" through which we can get weaving: baskets, ropes, carpets or furniture. Other plants such as cotton, flax or hemp offers us the raw material for clothing. Even many of the colors we use for clothing from all the plants.
Another way of looking at things would be to think of where our food really comes from? Whether it is fruit, leaf, stem, seed, tuber or flower is edible for animals and humans. Plants are in fact the underlying food chain because they convert the inorganic elements in organic compounds photosynthesis. When you dine, think of how what we eat comes directly or indirectly from plants.
Another way that plants help life consists in the therapeutic effects that many have on our body. Many active compounds from medicinal plants directly from today. Others such as morphine, quinine, aspirin, have been synthesized artificially mimicking the original and plants. Unfortunately many of these miraculous plant components were not yet discovered and probably one cure for this disease will remain fierce in a long hidden in places difficult to reach the tropical forests.
Plants contribute to the welfare of us all. Trees and shrubs we purify the air, making it clean, protect us from beating fierce wind and provide shade in our hot summer days.
Have you thought about how we help the plants in a single day of our lives? Try to write down everything you eat and use in a single day, all you send directly or indirectly with the thought in the world of plants. You are surprised?

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